Doing Business with PLUS

At PLUS, we welcome the opportunity to work with new producers. To begin doing business with us, please submit a completed agency profile and a copy of your E&O insurance to us. We look forward to working with you!

Application and Quoting Process

You are welcome to submit business to us by e-mail or regular mail. Upon receipt of your submission, we will do three things. First, we will clear your submission in our system. Second, we will reserve the account for you and your agency. Our third action is to acknowledge your submission, which will provide you with the time the submission was entered into our clearance system and will advise which PLUS broker is handling your account.

The quoting process can vary in turn-around time. It can take from one day to one week. Response times depend on a number of factors including the type of business, size of the account, loss history, and quality of the submission. Here are some areas which affect the quality of the submission:

  • Clarity of application — is the submission legible, even after scanning?
  • Quality of information — are responses on the application appropriate?
  • Quantity of information — are all questions on the application answered?
  • Attachments — are all resumes, financial statements, or other requirements included?

The better the information provided, the quicker the quote can be turned around.

Binding Business

We cannot bind coverage without your written requests.  We accept bind requests via email.

Claims Notification

The terms and conditions of most policies state that claims, allegations, or incidents that might result in a claim must be reported in a timely manner and in accordance with policy conditions in order to preserve coverage. In order to allow us to assist in the claims process, email details of claims or potential claims to us. We will need the following information:

  • What is the policy number, and who is the named insured?
  • Who is making the claim(s) or allegation(s)?
  • When and where did the alleged act(s) or omission(s) take place?
  • What are the details of the allegations?
  • How was the insured made aware of the claim?
  • Has the insured received a complaint, demand letter, or has a lawsuit already been filed?


Policy Specimens: Please submit requests for policy specimens by contacting your PLUS broker. Please include the name of the applicant, and indicate the particular carrier for which you are requesting a specimen policy.

Applications: You can download and print several applications from this website. To view the applications available on this website, please click here. If you are in need of an application that is not available on this website, please contact your PLUS broker. Please include the type of coverage and nature of operations for the applicant, if known.

Policy Changes: All policy changes require final approval by the insurance company. Change requests must be submitted in writing. Typically, simple name and/or address changes do not require additional premium. Other items, such as changes in policy limits, deductibles, or exposure may result in an additional or return premium.

Agent/Broker of Record Letters: In some situations, it may become necessary to secure an Agent/Broker of Record Letter to handle your submission. When the need for an Agent/Broker of Record Letter arises, please have the letter completed with the following guidelines in mind:

  • Have the letter addressed to the specific Insurance Company we are intending to access or provide full market access.
  • Have the letter printed on the insured’s letterhead, signed and dated by the president or an officer of the company.
  • Have the letter name you as the Agent of Record and Professional Lines Underwriting Specialists, Inc. (PLUS, Inc.) as the wholesale Broker of Record.

Cancellations: Requests for cancellation must be made in writing. Although we will make every effort to have the requested cancellation date honored, the effective date of cancellation is ultimately up to the discretion of each insurance company. Any return premiums granted are usually on a short-rate or a 90% of pro-rata basis, subject to any minimum earned premium requirements.